York BID 2016 Winter Lights

BID businesses expressed the need for a greater presence of winter lights that would stretch beyond the popular holiday market areas. In response, The York BID implemented a winter lights programme to transform our historic city to a stunning spectacle during the months of early-drawn evenings.

The BID piloted the programme in December 2016, lighting of the city’s medieval city wall bars with a cascade of shimmering drapes on Micklegate Bar, Walmgate Bar, Monk Bar and Bootham Bar. The unprecedented display showcased York's renowned structures as ‘shining gateways’ that lead to the historic attractions and businesses in and around the city walls.

Additional winter lights are part of the BID’s overall commitment to enhancing the city's inviting atmosphere, making them a must-see attraction during the holidays and throughout the winter season.  In response to the overwhelmingly positive reception (over 14,000 interactions on social media alone!)  the BID has committed to extending the winter lights display for next winter season.


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